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Anderson cooper net worth, Anderson Cooper was tortured on live television last night, during the New Year's Eve programming on CNN. Why? Because the executives of the news network decided it was a good idea to leave Cooper to the not-so-tender mercies of comedian Kathy Griffin.

Of course, CNN cannot claim ignorance on the inappropriate nature of Griffin's on-screen behavior. Kyle Becker at Independent Journal Review managed to track down at least a few examples of Griffin's sickening "sense of humor." Perhaps CNN should have considered whether or not it was really worth it to leave a crass, sexually depraved harpy on-air with one of their better assets. Love or hate Cooper, the fact remains that he has major media face value, if only because of his Vanderbilt pedigree, and past of Calvin Klein modeling.

And then there is the bottom line - net worth. Cooper has an estimated net worth of $100 million, and an annual salary of $11 million. After being forced to be quasi-molested on live television by Griffin, perhaps he should be taking CNN back to the negotiating table on that salary. A fair sum might be a yearly wage equaling Griffin's reported net worth of $15 million.

And those numbers should have been a huge hint to CNN. There's a very good reason why Griffin's net worth is just a handful of millions of dollars over Cooper's yearly wages. Occasionally celebrity wages clearly indicate the level of talent they have, and in this case, the difference between Cooper and Griffin is obvious by those numbers.

If anything, Griffin is at least a little overvalued - it is a little shocking that her net worth exceeds Cooper's yearly salary. The hint to CNN should have been that you don't force your "golden boy" to slum it with a gutter-dwelling tramp. In the meantime, Cooper really should at least be turning in a claim for hazard pay, perhaps a public apology from his bosses for forcing him on-air with Griffin, and maybe even sue her for sexual harassment on live television. The point is, someone really does need to bury Griffin's career, such as it is. Sorry, but she's really not funny. She's simply disgusting.
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