Chevy chase crane plumbing

Chevy chase crane plumbing, Chevy Chase has a reputation for being a lot of things: the funniest guy around, the biggest jerk to work with– but many people don’t realize that the star of the National Lampoon Vacation Series didn’t necessarily have to work if he didn’t want to.

Chevy Chase Crane Plumbing

Chase was born into a prominent New York City family– the kind that’s nearly Manhattan royalty. A 14th generation New Yorker (his family came over in the 1600′s, his family history is noted as the following:

“His father, Edward Tinsley “Ned” Chase, was a prominent Manhattan book editor and magazine writer. His mother, Cathalene Parker (née Browning), a concert pianist and librettist, was the daughter of Miles Browning, who served a critical role at the Battle of Midway in World War II; she was adopted as a child by her stepfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt Crane, heir to Crane Plumbing, and took the name Cathalene Crane.” – Source Wikipedia

Chevy Chase Folgers Coffee

His parents divorced when he was 4 and his father remarried into the Folgers coffee family. His mother remarried twice.

Chevy Chase Cornelius Vanderbilt Anderson Cooper
Chase’s adoptive great-grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt, also happens to be the great-great-gre
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