Daphne guinness brewery heiress

Daphne guinness brewery heiress, Daphne guinness brewery heiress, As the heiress to every Irishman's coveted empire, striking poster child for MAC makeup, and the late Alexander McQueen's fashion muse, Daphne Guinness seems to have it all.

What she doesn't have anymore is an apartment at the Stanhope, much to her relief. A lawsuit against Guinness by her downstairs neighbors for flooding their apartment with her overflowing bathtub left the fashion maven with a heap of anxiety, causing her to put the place on the market and seek solace in a hotel.

The four-bedroom. 4.5 bath apartment fetched less than the $14 million ask, and almost a half million less than Guinness paid for it in 2008, going for $11.3 million.

With the price per square foot for luxury apartments soaring toward $6,000, that seems a pretty good price to pay for a 4,118 square foot pad near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The $17,950/month in common charges are another matter
Title: Daphne guinness brewery heiress
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