Kal penn dementamania

Kal penn dementamania, Stealth Indie’s Dementamania starts shooting October 1st in Yorkshire for 4 weeks. The film is Directed by the award-winning Kit Ryan (Botched) and is just one of the exciting films on Stealth’s Indie label.

Samuel Robertson (Beaver Falls), Vincent Regan, (Clash of The Titans) Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar) and Geoff Bell (Rock ‘n’ Rolla) will star.

When a software analyst is stung by a mysterious bug, it unlocks the door to a secret world inside his head, causing nightmarish fantasies and vivid hallucinations. As the bite rash spreads over his entire body, reality begins drifting further and further away, and the strange effects are felt by everyone around him.

The fiilm is being described as a "Kafkaesque psychological horror" film.

Stealth Indie also has Rearview and Outpost 11 in the works.
Title: Kal penn dementamania
Rating: 100% based on 99998 ratings. 10 user reviews.
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