Kristen Stewart Relaxes On ‘Camp X-Ray’ Set In Socks & Sandals

Kristen Stewart Relaxes On ‘Camp X-Ray’ Set In Socks & Sandals, We always knew she was a fighter, but now K-Stew’s literally a soldier! The ‘Twilight’ actress wore a full military uniform on the set of her new movie and looked totally chill.

Kristen Stewart, 23, was spotted in Los Angeles on July 17, filming scenes for her new movie Camp X-Ray, which also stars Joseph Julian Soria of Army Wives — and the funny State Farm buffalo commercial. Kristen plays a young soldier who joins the military to escape her small town, only to find out she won’t be going to Iraq as she was hoping, but to Guantanamo Bay!

She’s hated by her superiors, and as a result, she starts an unlikely friendship with a man who has been imprisoned there for eight years. The film will be released in 2014, and it sounds like this could be a breakthrough role for Kristen. This could be the film that takes her from “Twilight star” to ‘respected actress.’ Some people are even smelling an Oscar nomination!

Kristen Chills Out One Year After Cheating Scandal
While filming Camp X-Ray, it seemed like Kristen remained in character at all times, even when the cameras weren’t rolling. One moment, she was dressed in head-to-toe military wear and looked like a real soldier — and the next minute, she was relaxing on the boat where they filmed in a swimsuit, board shorts, and socks with sandals! The star was also seen sipping on a Corona and looked like she was taking on the soldier role with ease.

Kristen looks so calm, considering it’s been just a year and a day after photos of her cheating scandal with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders surfaced. The scandal began the end of her relationship with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, and it seems that one year later, both stars have thrown themselves into their work in order to get over the other.

Let’s hope it’s a winning strategy!
Title: Kristen Stewart Relaxes On ‘Camp X-Ray’ Set In Socks & Sandals
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