Lionfish, An expedition was carried out recently to the depths of Atlantic, which was aimed at finding the impact of invasion by lionfish, actually came up with something unexpected and bizarre.

It has been discovered that the invasive species was still living deep inside the waters. The team from Oregon State University's Hixon Lab said that the latest findings hinted that the species was escaping eradication, successfully. Also, the lionfish was probably putting the lives of native fish at risk.

The first voyage was made last month to enable a deep-diving submersible go down the waters and look into the Atlantic Ocean lionfish invasion. The expedition instead found that large populations of lionfish were surviving down some 300 feet.

It is being claimed that the native fish was becoming the target of the lionfish. Since, any fish smaller in size that the predatory fish could be attacked by it.

The lionfish, which is the first ever exotic fish to assault the Caribbean, was tracked by the scientists to the aquarium trade in the 1980s. It said that the fish had chances of being freed into the ocean close to southern Florida.

"There is strong evidence that the lionfish is having negative effects on the native population. We don't see any signal that anything is controlling lionfish population", stated lead scientist, Stephanie Green.
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