Michael hastings death conspiracy

Michael hastings death conspiracy, Cool, now that I’ve written that headline, I’m probably on some watch-list. Hi, US government! Hope you enjoyed my “Yeezus” review!

Journalist Michael Hastings died in an extremely mysterious way after crashing into a tree in Los Angeles, going some 80mph down a quasi-residential road. Firefighters present at the scene have not responded to reporters’ questions, and the LAPD has remained completely silent on the matter.

Hours before he died, Hastings sent colleagues an email saying he was “going off the radar” and that he was working “on a big story.”

What’s weirder is that that Hastings was cremated against his family’s wishes. In fact, the Hastings family wanted his body to return to them. You read that right: the American government cremated the body of a journalist. There seems to be – and I ain’t one for conspiracy theories – a big cover-up as to Michael Hastings’ death.

A prominent journalist who felled a top Army general dies while on the eve of a “big story.” I dunno, man. This shit sounds a little too real.

Richard Clarke, who worked under the Bush administration as a counter-terrorism expert, believes that Hastings’ Mercedes may have been hacked:

“In the case of Michael Hastings, what evidence is available publicly is consistent with a car cyber attack. And the problem with that is you can’t prove it. I think you’d probably need the very best of the U.S. government intelligence or law enforcement officials to discover it.”
Title: Michael hastings death conspiracy
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