Pudu Deer: World’s Smallest Deer Born In New York

Pudu Deer: World’s Smallest Deer Born In New York, A tiny baby Southern pudu deer has been born at the Queens Zoo, and a photo of her has gone viral due to her extreme cuteness.

The doe–whose name hasn’t been announced yet–weighed just one pound when she was born last month to mom Josephine and dad Hamilton and will only grow to be about 20 pounds and a foot tall. The species originates in Argentina and Chile, and they have been known to bark when they sense danger to alert others. They’re also good climbers.

The baby is doing well in her new environment and will flourish under the care of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which runs the zoo.

“She’s adjusting really well,” said Barbara Russo, a spokeswoman for the Wildlife Conservation Society. “She’s very cute and still nursing. She will eventually transition to solid foods.”

It’s a good year for babies at zoos across the country; earlier this month it was announced that Lun-Lun, a giant panda living at Zoo Atlanta, is pregnant with her fourth cub. It will be the first giant panda cub born this year in the U.S. and is expected to arrive later this month.

Title: Pudu Deer: World’s Smallest Deer Born In New York
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