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Twin baby pandas: Lun Lun the panda a new mom with twins at Atlanta Zoo

Twin baby pandas: Lun Lun the panda a new mom with twins at Atlanta Zoo, Twin baby pandas were born this week to much excitement from zookeepers at Zoo Atlanta, surprising fans and perhaps most of all, the mother panda named Lun Lun.

According to the Christian Post this Tuesday, July 16, Lun Lun recently gave birth to her new panda cubs that happened to be twins, and officials in the zoo have been quick to offer the new mother panda as much support and assistance as needed.

Twin baby pandas are a rare feat in itself, and ever since Zoo Atlanta’s own giant panda, a female named Lun Lun, gave birth to the amazingly small and cute twins, staff at the zoo are doing all they can to help.

According to the report, the first of the twin baby pandas was born just after 6:20 in the evening on Monday, while the younger sibling was born a couple minutes later. The director of Zoo Atlanta said that Lun Lun may be a bit surprised at having twins, but her babies are in good hands.

"She's a good mom and an experienced mom, but this is a little different for her as well.”

The panda cubs are said to be spending some time with their mother, and a majority of the time in an incubator that’s catered to each of the twins’ own needs. Zoo staff has acknowledged that they are being overly protective and invested into the care of twin baby pandas to make sure their chance of survival and growing up strong is as high as possible.

It was only this June that two twin baby pandas were born in China to much fanfare and excitement. It seems that this rare event has become a tad more common this 2013 for two happy panda moms, their babies born into the world, and of course zookeepers and fans around the globe.
Title: Twin baby pandas: Lun Lun the panda a new mom with twins at Atlanta Zoo
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