Wade's ex living on the streets

Wade's ex living on the streets, The ex-wife of NBA basketball player Dwyane Wade sat on a piece of cardboard outside the Daley Center on Friday holding a sign that read: “Miami Heat Star Mother of His Children on the Streets.”

Siohvaughn Wade said she would “live on the streets” as she protested what she called the “injustice” of a failed lawsuit she filed in an effort to get money from her ex-husband’s endorsement deals.

Court papers filed last week indicate the lawsuit was voluntarily dropped.

“I don’t want anything, no money, all I want is my freedom and my voice,” she said.

Dwyane Wade filed for divorce from his wife in 2008. The drawn-out custody battle over their two sons drew extensive media attention.

Wade was awarded full custody of the children in 2011. Siohvaughn Wade was granted shift visits with the kids, who live in Florida.

A representative for Dwyane Wade could not immediately be reached.
Title: Wade's ex living on the streets
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