Wrong house demolished by mistake in Fort Worth

Wrong house demolished by mistake in Fort Worth, The City of Fort Worth hired a subcontractor to demolish a house that had been vacant for years.

Unfortunately, that subcontractor leveled the wrong house. The demolition crew was supposed to be working at the house next door.

Typical city,” said neighbor Stephen Neumann, laughing. Neumann said similar mistakes have happened along the lake where he lives, and that he keeps his house in tip-top shape to make sure his own house is not mistaken for rubbish.
“I just seen an excavator tearing that house down and I was wondering why,” he said adding, “It was a pretty good house, it wasn’t all that bad. When this one next door has been needing tearing down for years.”

Neumann said he thought someone was tearing it down to build themselves a new home, but that wasn’t the case. The city calls it a mistake.

The house that did get torn down was vacant, and public utilities had been disconnected before the crew went to work. The owner of the home has not commented, but has a permanent home elsewhere in Texas. He is expected to be compensated for the damages.

Title: Wrong house demolished by mistake in Fort Worth
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