Brad Pitt played golf tennis basketball

Brad Pitt played golf tennis basketball, Brad Pitt has been seen in recent years flaunting some unhealthy traits such as a joy of cheeseburgers and smoking but there have been times in his career where no one else looked as hardcore fit as he did.

You just have to watch Fightclub and Snatch to see how hard he can work on his physical appearence.

So it’s really no suprise that he was active and into sports from a younger age.
Growing up in Missouri Pitt attended Kickapoo High School.

He was active in sport as a member of the the golf, tennis, swimming and wrestling teams but he never made it into the basketball team.

Although in middle school he did form a team with a few pals named the ‘rejects’ as a joke to the fact that they clearly were not the top cream players! Brad’s father coached them.

In film Pitt has portrayed a high school track star in “Across the Tracks’ a bad 1990 movie! He also more recently played a baseball coach in Moneyball and was an underground Irish gypsy boxer in Snatch!
Title: Brad Pitt played golf tennis basketball
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