Sheryl crow track athlete

Sheryl crow track athlete, Sheryl Crow track athlete – Pretty much now a rock legend Sheryl Crow had small town beginnings.  At school she was a drum majorette which goes hand in hand with her career but she was also into sports, which again considering her health at this age makes some sense.

Sheryl Crow track athlete

Attending Kennett High School Sheryl was a drum majorette which involves performing and a little dance and would have kept her in pretty decent shape but she also excelled on the track.

Additionally to being a member of the pep club, the National Honor Society, the National FFA Organization, and a Paperdoll Queen she was an All-State track athlete.

Quite the involved and popular girl we bet!

As a track athlete she medalled in the 75-meter low hurdles. Sadly we can’t seem to find what year or age.To this day Sheryl Crow has been the picture of health with a lot of interviews dedicating time to ask how she does it.

At 50 an a multiple time mother she cuts a figure many are envious of. Maybe she has great genes but it’s good to see positive role models in positions like that. She makes no secret of how hard she works to keep herself in shape for herself and her family.

Hardly burning out like the rock and roll star she may have been presumed to be at a young age but hey maybe staying young old is the new rock and roll!
Title: Sheryl crow track athlete
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